This logo animation was crafted for a distance learning course. The objective was to create a visual representation incorporating technological elements, reinforcing the course's identity and underscoring its commitment to excellence and innovation.
The design of this animation places a strong emphasis on typography, exuding a contemporary and elegant approach. The typography was chosen and stylized to convey a sense of modernity, competence, and professionalism. The typographic elements were carefully animated to produce a dynamic visual impact.
In adherence to the client's brand guidelines, a thorough exploration of diverse color combinations was undertaken to ensure the animation resonates seamlessly with the established identity of CHQAO. Multiple color options were meticulously curated, each designed to evoke specific emotions and align with the course's values.
The CHQAO animation project was a collaborative effort shaped by open communication and a strong partnership with the client. Throughout the process, we worked closely, exchanging ideas and feedback to bring the vision to life.
I appreciate those who have taken the time to read through this project description. Your attention is valued, and I sincerely thank you for considering the details of this creative journey.
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